All About Journals

** This Page is for anything regarding journaling which is one thing that has helped me in my recovery process. Keep on the lookout for some new things that may be of help to you **

Journaling :

I’m sure you all are aware of journaling is an excellent tool to assist someone who has been trying to cope with their mental health. Since being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I have found many different types of journals that have helped me deal from day to day. Journaling has been a great help for me get out what is deep down in my soul where when it was too difficult for me even to try and talk to anyone about what I was experiencing.  Journaling has been a great help for me get out what is deep down in my soul where when it was too difficult for me even to try and talk to anyone about what I was experiencing. First, when someone mentioned it to me, I was like I don’t want to go there because maybe someone may read it or perhaps I would see it more as a diary and that was not for me. But, I did spend many hours online looking into other types of journaling because using a notebook for journaling as a diary is only one of the many different kinds of journals.

Some of the different types of journals in which I can say has helped me cope with my mental illnesses are:

1. Gratitude journaling: this is where I write at least five things each day that I am thankful to have in my life. I don’t do this as a daily thing, but it sure helps me on the days where my mental health seems too much to bear. I have challenged myself not to be thankful for any of the things that I put in on a previous day unless there is another reason I am grateful for that person, place or something. I have added a picture to show you what my gratitude journal looks like it’s only simple and done with my favorite color pen– Purple.

grateful heart
One example of my Gratitude Journal Entries

2. Positivity Journaling or Mental Health Journals: This is a separate notebook in which I invite myself to only things in it that are going to bring me up. Trust me there are days when I feel so negative, and down that, it is a challenge to do on those days, but when I do it helps to bring a brighter outlook to the day.

3. Planning or Bullet Journaling: I have done this a little differently than most but every morning! I have battled with trying to have used just a planner or a bullet journal, but unfortunately, it has never worked the way I have wanted, so I do plan with a planner and also using a notebook I do all the beautiful things that you can do in a bullet journal in my positivity journals. I have added a picture of my current planner, but I had to black out some of my entries as they are private


4. Self-discovery Journal: Pinterest helped this Journal on many on many occasions. I spent many hours online looking up prompts to get me started in assisting me to discover my true self. This is the type of journal in which I think I will continue the most in the future as I continue through my personal development. I will not be posting a copy of my self-discovery journal as it holds some near and dear things to me however from time to time I may share with you some of the prompts I use in my journal in my daily blog section of this site. If you need help starting one of these and are not sure where to start, I will be able to steer you on the right path. Learning about yourself is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and who knows maybe one day your children and grandchildren will understand you better and hold dearly to this journal.  I have I have decided to share a copy of one of the journaling prompts which I have found on Pinterest. Keep in mind I only do ones that would apply to me, so just because they are in the prompts you don’t need to do them all if they make you uncomfortable.