Mental Health Techniques

The Spoon Techniques: 

I have been using this technique for a while now, but I have found that lately, it has not been working for me since I have more good days than days that I struggle with my mental health. I know that I still have access to this tool when the day seems too hard to bear. This theory helped me by giving me enough “spoons” so that I could still feel accomplished. It helped me understand that every little thing I did when I struggled to get out of bed, or even get dressed was still an accomplishment.

As I have said I am now that coping seems more natural with the many supports and a renewed love for my crafting, I don’t find this technique as an effective as it once was. When I find it difficult to cope but I know that it has worked for me in the past and I still know I can use it when I need it.

I don’t know where this tool came from, but it is all over Pinterest and the internet. So whoever created this too I THANK YOU DEARLY! Here is how it works:

  • The idea of using spoons to represent the daily allotment of energy.
  • When I first began to use it — I allowed myself ten spoons, but as I got better, I challenged myself to increase the number of spoons.
  • Now when I find a stressful day, I will encourage myself to allow 25 plus spoons to help me accomplish my day’s tasks.
  • Each morning when I would wake up I would have the full number of spoons but at the day progressed and each activity has completed the spoons left for the day would decrease.
  • Once all of my spoons were gone, I accomplished the task needed to end my day with the feeling of success and accomplishment. Which I know first hand is two big issues when dealing with a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and trauma where it often takes a lot of discipline and efforts in regaining a sense of control.

I always made sure that there was a lot of self-care involved in completing my spoons each day as I knew that to get to the point where I needed to feel that I was doing ok and getting housework completed I had to look after myself.


spoontheory             Spoon-theory 2


Mind mapping:

As I spoke about in the blog page “overwhelmed” I stated I would write and explain this technique here in a little more detail. I used mind mapping a lot when I felt overwhelmed- this usually helped my rationalize what shouldn’t be causing me to worry as I had no control over it. I would usually start off with a feeling in a center bubble then I would branch out into what was causing my mind and body feel that way in the next bubble without any explanation. Then from that bubble, I would branch off to if I could control it or not if I could control the situation then I would branch off and say what I could do and if not my response would be … Well, why are you bothered by it anyway? By the time I had it had coloured and decorated it I usually felt better. Mindmaps are a great way to help someone whos recovering from a mental illness in my perspective because it has helped me with creative thinking, critical thinking and most importantly my decision making as for when dealing with stressful situations I found it hard to decide on just about anything.  I placed below a copy of a mind map that I found online when I learnt about this technique.

mind mapping

** Please Note This not mine and is something I Found online when I was learning about this technique ***

If you need more information on mind mapping comment or send me a private message and I will surely be able to help you more 🙂 This technique can be used as well for anxiety as it can help you decide on a decision that your having a difficult time deciding.

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