A day or two

Have you even found yourself doing something that you have wanted to do for a long time and you are finally enjoying what it brings to you that you overdo it ? I am sure we can all answer yes to that question. Well , I have done that a couple of days ago and now ever since I have been paying up for it .

I have been trying to gut out my bedroom, and I have tried many times, but then where it did not get finished, I have felt that I was worst off than before. But because of something that happened it was long overdue and therefore I started, and now it looks beautiful.

Due to the fact that I continued and continued long after my tired body was yelling at me with aches and pains , I have been paying up for it since. between the back and sholder pains I have also dealing with sever anxiety and panic attaks as well as issues with my sleep patterns.

Many people like myself suffer with depression and anxiety often find themselves drained after doing something that they have been pushing off for one reason or another and in my case it was cleaning up my room. Don’t get me wrong I wanted it done but did not know how I was going to get it the way I wanted it and my anxiety would get the best of me .

Even though I have struggled over the last few days since I have it to where I love it, I understand that now my mental health, as well as my body pain, needs me to rest and take some time for me. The night after I finished it my mind would not shut off, and it kept me from sleeping, therefore, making me more exhausted so yesterday I spent most of the day in my room with no television on and slept off and on all day. Then last evening I went to a mental health support group and came home and took my medication and got a great nights sleep. Yet Unfortunately today I woke, and still my body and mind told me to look after myself today so I decided to sit in my lazy boy with my computer and organize some of the Cricut design files and installed some nice fonts for my crafting ideas. And I want you to know I don’t fell one bit bad. Why? You may ask because this year I have decided to listen to what my body needs so that I can be not only physically healthy but mentally healthy.

Listening to our what our body needs is not always easy but trust me it is required so you can look after your overall health. We all know we need to eat right, have enough physical activity and also get enough sleep but there are times we overdo it, and we push yourself to do a little bit more, and then we suffer later. Our bodies don’t want us to have the pains, so it gives us little hints that we have had enough.

Some of the things we can do to help us recognize what we need are:

  • Journaling: You can journal things like things you can do to make you healthier and decide on one thing that needs your immediate attention. Other ideas to you can do in a journal is track your eating or exercise activities for your physical health or follow your sleeping patterns or panic attacks for your mental health
  • Take time to breath: Breathing helps you take a few moments away from your day to look after you. During this time it is important to be seated comfortably with your feet touching the floor. Breathing in deeply and then letting it at a rate that is comfortable.
  • Spend times away from electronics: this means t.v’s computers and also your cell phone. Let your body do something that does not require any action of electronics. Trust me your body will thank you.
  • Trust your own intuitions: Have you ever heard of trusting your heart or gut because it will never lead you down the wrong road. Asking your inner self rather than your mind will help you make a decision on what your body needs rather than the rational around a choice.
  • Start some self-care practices: Self-care practices are the things you do for you that help uplift and balance yourself. In times when we look after yourself by using self-care are times when we connect with ourselves the most, therefore, teaching ourselves what our body and mind actually need.

Hope I gave you something to think about regrading how important it is to listen to your body because it will never lead you the wrong way 🙂

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