Vision board

Today I attended a workshop on vision boards, and I have to say it’s very informative. For those of you who don’t know what a vision board is it is a board which you put together to help you keep your dreams and other goals in the forefront of your everyday life.

On the board, you can put pictures and saying that will help you achieve your lives goals. These goals can be anything you want it to be– there is no limits. Some people think vision boards don’t do anything, but I want you to know that It can help you visualize your dreams and make them more achievable. Just ask anyone who has used it and achieved their goals.

So you maybe asking yourself questions like where do I start? What do you do if you are not crafty? Where can I get some supplies to create one? To name a few. My thoughts on where you start is where I started on Pinterest, and other images in magazines or another website which provoked the development of my dreams.why not give it a try and see where your imagination takes you. Regarding supplies, any discount store such as Walmart or dollar store will carry what paper, color pens or markers, glue and scissors usually on their craft or school supply departments. You don’t have to have a crafty bone in your body to cut and glue paper to a board, and as long as your happy with it that’s all that matters.

Tips for creating a vision board:

  • Enjoy putting it together and let the energy that your dreams bring you
  • Add anything to it which brings a spark in your life
  • Be sure to add affirmations or quotes which help enhance your ideas and vision for your life
  • Write your dreams, goals and visions down prior to collecting your pictures — this will help you figure out what pictures you need.
  • Don’t compare your vision board to anyone else and don’t let anyone tell you anything is unachievable.

Hope this help give you some inspiration. The world is yours to see.

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