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Time for a change


Hey there all…

Did you miss me? Well, I have to say I missed writing over the last few days.  So here I am jumping back on the wagon and writing about change if you haven’t figured that one out from the title. There are many different definitions for the word “change,” but the change I am talking about is the transformation of a person or item.

I don’t know about you but change is something that brings both rewarding and uneasiness for many people. I am a person who loves routine and when things change my plans for the day it usually causes some uncomfortable feelings within my own spirit. Yet, when my daughter asked me to move her bedroom into my office I knew inside that this would be the type of transformation that would help boost my moods and how I was feeling over the past week or so. That is the reason why I haven’t been online and now tonight I am all settled away and my new office and craft room is functional and exciting for me to start writing and creating again. I have added pictures of my new office and also of 2 of my cats having fun as I create a mess for a new change.



44057228_348846712327907_3957011459237478400_n.jpg     44099515_247656619431072_7070868529863458816_n

That is why I have decided to write about why change to someone who is struggling or living with a mental disorder is beneficial.  I am not saying that we need to make a total transformation because that could cause more negative effects rather than benefits. It’s important to be sensitive when you change something in your life; Please be prepared as sometimes the changes we make can cause a little discomfort before the benefits show.

Some changes that we can make in our lives can be as simple as changing a bedroom or living room around like I just finished in my craft room or a major as starting a new 30-day challenge( like 30 days of self-care) which will evolve our mental health.  Creating a change in our lives like the few items I have already mentioned will help anyone get out of their comfort zones which is something great overtime and will help you develop new hobbies or help you learn more about yourself. This past summer, I was able to do something totally out of my comfort zone; I went white water rafting and believe me it was something I wanted to do but could not bring myself to do.  Even though it wasn’t a change in my life it was something that I will remember for years to come and change can do the same thing for our lives.

When wanting to make some changes in your life be sure to:

  • Be true to yourself- Don’t make changes that are going to affect you because someone else wants you to change. You have to be happy with the changes in order to receive some benefits from it.
  • Take tiny steps and embrace the changes –As the saying, “Rome was not built in a day”, neither can you change old or create new habits overnight. Be sure to take time and adjust as you need. Take all the time you need as it is your change and no one else’s.
  • Be willing to accept where you are- By this I mean to be present in the changes; be mindful of why you want these changes to take place and what you want to take from these changes.
  • Forgive and get move forward- As we have changes take place in our lives we often fail at what we are trying to achieve but, that is ok. As when we were babies starting to walk if we stopped trying to walk when we fell down then we wouldn’t be able to walk now. Therefore the same is true when we are wanting changes to happen in our lives.
  • Don’t Compare yourself to others- Everyone is on their own journey and therefore change will not benefit you if you are changing yourself to be like someone else.  This goes back to being true to yourself. 
  • Take responsibility for the changes- Without taking responsibility for your changes and remove the thoughts of excuses that may come up along the way you will surely fail. It is up to you how much change you need not anyone else, therefore, the successfulness is also up to you.

I am sure there are more tips about embracing changes but I did not want to overwhelm anyone so these are what I felt were most important when changes are about to happen.

As I leave you tonight … I leave you with this quote.Change-Quotes-3.jpg




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