Not every day is a good day

As anyone who struggles with mental illnesses knows not every day can be a good one. Therefore we often have to roll with the flow of these ups and downs.

And unfortunately the last few days I have had mine. From the emotional rollercoaster to the many frustrations because I’m having difficulty coping it’s been a hard few days.

Positive coping skills tend to be a necessity for dealing with the hurdles of mental illness. Sometimes it seems that no matter what coping skills we have there times that just our coping abilities alone are not enough.

Some positive coping skills are shown in the pictures below:

Just as important as positive coping skills we need great supports. These are people in our lives can help encourage you when you need them most. I have been blessed with many of these people. If you don’t have any support people in your lives, please don’t give up, you need reach out as it is essential to overcoming your difficult times. On your own keeping yourself positive when the darkest days seem to be getting darker but I have found when I try to reach out for help I always found someone who understood just what I was going through.

If you feel that you don’t have anyone here are some ways to help you to help you stay connected to some positive people in your life.

  1. Talk to someone you trust about your feeling
  2. Be a help for someone in need
  3. Have coffee with a friend and encourage each other
  4. Ask someone to check in with you regularly especially during the difficult times
  5. Attend a support group
  6. Reach out to an old friend– this works as I married my old friend. 😁
  7. Go for a walk-in sure you will find someone to smile at or say “Hi”
  8. Schedule a date with someone who understands you enjoy being with.
  9. Meet new people by taking a class or joining a club that may interest you
  10. Confide in a teacher, or sports coach

Remember you are not alone, and you can pull through with the help of some positive coping skills and some people to help every step of the way.

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