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Organizing My Craft Room


One thing I enjoy doing with my craft room and the supplies in there is organizing. Don’t ask me why but it always feels great to organize or as my husband says “reorganizing it again.” Anyone who does any form of crafting knows that after crafting means the room you use for crafting needs a good cleaning.

Crafting for me while I was struggling with my mental health was more like collecting craft supplies. Come on fellow crafters admit it that is some of the fun! My husband would say that I have that hobby figured out all too well and I have to agree it is always hard to leave something so cute that you may use at a later date. I am sure that any crafter can relate to the graph I shared below.


Some of the crafts that I have learned to explore while I was trying to cope were painting, making paper cards, working with my Cricut cutter for purposes other than scrapbooking and creating lovely wreaths. I found that I was not able to scrapbook new or old pictures, create slideshows or take photos while I was in the midst of the darkness of my mental illnesses and therefore the tools and supplies would sit there collecting dust and waiting for me to get better and retune to activities that I loved.

It seems like as a crafter we collect some great craft items for possible projects that sit for a time unknown. Lately, I have started creating things that have helped me know what kind of objects I have that I have not been using so I can get my mind prepared for projects I have wanted to start. Such as my stamp binder, which was a former Happy Planner which now has a picture of all of my stamps which I have to help me when I make some paper craft items for I don’t have to search all day and not be able to find the stamp I thought I had. Also, I have made up some folders for my die cuts to adhere to so that they are easier to see when I want to cut some out rather than having them placed in a container or basket with no rhyme or reason. ( I have posted a picture of both of these below)





Anyone who knows me being crafty of any kind, even if it’s in the process how I organize me feel accomplished and increases how good I felt internal. Which is a couple of the things that crafting does for when coping and living with a mental health illness.

So, If you don’t know what to craft to start this is just one of many I created to get me back into crafting.

Happy organizing!


P.s: Here are some crafting quotes I though any crafter would like.



1 thought on “Organizing My Craft Room”

  1. As being your husband I will admit you have an awful lot of craft supplies but if it helps you to cope I’m not going to complain about it. But I think u actually have two hobbies
    1) crafting
    2) buying craft supplies


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